School Growth Plan

Lakeview 2021-22 School Growth Plan

Goal 1:  Using Growth Mindset and connection to Core Competencies, students will increase in their ability to learn, and effectively implement, self-awareness and self-management strategies that maximize their learning potential and ability to persevere on tasks (Secure and Calm category – Heart and Mind Index) and progress on the proficiency scales .


For the upcoming year, we have revised our existing SEL goal under the larger umbrella of Growth Mindset, which connects to our planned Innovation Grant as well as our School Growth Plan.  By creating a common thread that connects our goals, we feel that the School Growth Plan will become more meaningful than having 2 separate goals.


Growth mindset refers to a learning theory developed by Dr Carol Dweck. It revolves around the belief that you can improve intelligence, ability and performance. … This means that by helping students to develop a growth mindset, we can help them learning more effectively and efficiently.  When we explicitly teach specific strategies to build self-awareness and self-management skills, then students will show an increased capacity to solve problems peacefully, as measured by student self-assessments (gr. 4-7) and teacher assessments (gr. K-7).

When we explicitly teach to the connection between self-awareness/management & learning, all students, especially those struggling to build a success identity and to regulate their emotions, will show improved academic progress as their capacity to learn will increase. We will know this is making a difference when we see students effectively using strategies to self-manage, increase on-task behaviour, and see a significant reading improvement. This will be measured by following specific students over time noting progress on Report Card and ability to self-regulate (Teacher Assessment of SEL).


Goal 2:  Using the First Peoples Principals of Learning we will focus on cultural differences between our three local nation communities.


With support and guidance from the Indigenous Resource Teacher staff will teach students about the cultural differences between our three local nation communities, the Coast Salish Nations of Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and what makes their communities unique. Teachers will be taught during a Professional Development day by an Indigenous Resource Teacher or expert how to weave, so that they can teach their students by creating Quarter Bags. Weaving will then be incorporated next year with the guidance of our school’s Indigenous Resource Teacher for the students to create a Blanket that all students will have a part in creating. Our school will celebrate our completion of our blanket with a school celebration at the end of the school year in year two of our plan.