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Lakeview Elementary 2022/2023 – Student Registration Starts on February 1, 2022

For NEW students or CURRENT students requesting to move to another Burnaby school for September 2022, all Burnaby schools will commence accepting applications on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022.  For more information, please visit the School District website at

If you’re interested in French Immersion, Inman teaches FI (Grade K-3) and Cascade Heights teaches FI (Grade 4-7).  Please ONLY apply with the full registration package at your English catchment school.  The “District Language” application form for French and Mandarin requests are done online at

Please attach CURRENT documents for your proof of address (checklist as listed below)

  • Birth Certificate or Proof of birth date for the student
  • Proof of guardianship
  • Proof of citizenship for both the parent and child
  • Immunization records (may be provided prior to school start in September)
  • Proof of residency showing the parent/guardian name.  This must include two items, AT LEAST ONE being from Category A below:

Category A:  proof of ownership or long term rental of dwelling, legal documents indicating BC residence, Parent or guardian filing income tax returns as a BC resident

Category B:  BC Hydro bill, BC Cable bill, Provincial driver’s license, Provincial registration of automobile or Canadian bank accounts or credit cards